A colleague recently asked me if I knew of a QA tool that could check whether a coordinate was within a polygon. I replied that I didn’t, but suggested we try to build a tool like that with ChatGPT.

In this blog post, I will detail how I built a Chrome extension using ChatGPT without writing a single line of code, only following instructions and copy-pasting, despite having no prior experience in creating a Chrome app.

Read the full ChatGPT transcript here

Get it from Chrome web store: Polygon Checker

Download it from Github

Polygon Checker screenshot

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TL;DR: As a developer with an entrepreneurial mindset, I realized I could make a greater impact in the world of product management.


For over 14 years, I’ve been a full-time software developer, coding even before that as a hobby. Throughout my career, I’ve never been satisfied with “just doing my job.” I always had side projects, some of which evolved into paid products enjoyed by many users.

Beyond Coding:

When I wasn’t working on a side project, my focus was on developing product features to bring value to users. As time went on, I began to lose interest in honing my development skills and improving the build environment, instead preferring to add customer-facing features.

A Growing Interest in Product Management:

My curiosity led me to explore who was using our products, why, and how we could enhance their value. I yearned to be closer to the business side of things.

The Big Transition:

On my 40th trip around the sun, I transitioned from a software developer to a product manager role at Bringg. This change was an ideal fit for the company, as I was already familiar with most aspects of the business. My new role allowed for a smooth transition, where I could apply my technical knowledge and experience to the product while also addressing customer and market needs.

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Danny Shmueli

Father & Husband, been a software developer for 14 years, now a product manager

Product Manager @ Bringg